Due to insufficient dowry this young girl’s husband lacerated her face with a razor blade. (Gwalior - India) - ph. Adrian Fisk

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Felix Vallotton, “La Blanche et la Noire” (1913)

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Now THAT is a quality photo. That is something actually worth reblogging. Beautiful.

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I love the beautiful androgyny of this image..

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OFWGKTA: Neo-Nazism

I must preface this with a warning. Nothing here will be censored. Read at your own risk. This must be read in its explicit nature to accurately portray the violence, the sexism, and the homophobia that we allow to run rampant. 

If you have not already heard of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, do not worry. You have preserved human dignity. I admit that I listened to them for about a week. But I would not have come to the following conclusions had I not done so. Now, allow me to trample your innocence for a few minutes.

Unfortunately, their fan base is growing tremendously. To get an idea of how pervasive Odd Future has become, take a look at this: last month, Odd Future had a show at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro. Tickets were sold out approximately two months prior to the show. Let us take a look at the content for which people flock to www.etix.com with such haste.

“ASSMILK” by Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt:

1.)             Fuck rap, I’ll be a landlord so I can rape a tenant’s daughter

                  Leave my house with a new stomach and a baby in it.

                   Fuck her in a hummer while I rape her and put her in a slumber

                   It’s not a figure of speech when I tell you that I dumped her

2.)            Oxymoron like buff faggots playing sissy dykes


                 I hate gays, gangbangers and fucking jerkers

                 Unless it’s gay gangbangers fucking jerkers


                 No homo

                 I’m not gay, faggot

I have two responses to this –

1.) I did not even include all of the rape scenes from this individual song….

2.) One of Odd Future’s DJs is Syd Tha Kyd – a woman and a lesbian. Why does she tolerate these heinous lyrics?

“BASTARD” by Earl Sweatshirt

1.)              Raquel treat me like my father, like a fucking stranger

                   She still don’t know I made Sarah to strangle her

                   Not put her in danger and chop her up in the back of a Wrangler

                   All because she said not to homecoming, demons running

                   Inside my head, telling me evil thoughts

2.)             My goal in life is a Grammy, hopefully momma will attend the

                  Ceremony with all my homies

Response —

1.)   That was horrifyingly disgusting!

2.)    Good luck with that goal, bastard.

The lyrics from which they have created their fan base are monumentally more than derogatory. The lyrics from which they have made money have robbed us, and not just of our money. 

Our generation gawks at cases like that of Jeffrey Dahmer, yet we plug in our headphones to Odd Future as if we are committing no harm. But, we can not blame it on a case of insanity. We can only blame it on our blind and disregarding subscription to this culture.  We revel in the “startling subculture” and the “never-have-been-done-before” blasphemy that it is. Odd Future’s uniquity is another rusted link in the chain of degradation. We are literally losing all reverence for humankind with this degenerating culture.

Please do not confuse my ripe outrage for that of a budding feminist. I am not only offended as a woman and as a lesbian, but I am terribly offended as a human being.

What will it take to feel the mental defilement? What will it take to sense the societal desecration?

To put it simply, I am sick. And I will not be quiet. 




Audrey Hepburn

Short hair rocks, y’all.

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by emmett williams

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